How To

Projects in the Garden

Plant Garlic                  Prune Wisteria growing potatoes       Winter Pruning Fruit Trees              

Things Going Wrong!

We’ve all been there. You’re trying your best but don’t know why it’s not working. The best option would be to pop in and talk to us bringing pictures or parts of plants to illustrate your gardening woes. But from time to time we will post those problems that everyone has. So it’s not just … Continue reading Things Going Wrong!


Did you know you can make stuff out of plants? Go figure. Obviously food is the best thing to come from plants but you can also do a lot of other stuff. Like make beauty products, healthy tonics, cleaning products and more. We’ll be sharing some tried and tested recipes to make your world a … Continue reading Recipes

Live Sustainably

Here at Shotover Garden Centre we strive towards a more sustainable way of working. Work with us and learn some easy ways to make your way of life better for the environment and the future. We’ll also be looking at some interesting articles about sustainability. Everyday it seems I find out something new about the earth … Continue reading Live Sustainably

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