Food is the universal language. One thing better than speaking about food is growing it. The worst kept secret of gardeners is the immense satisfaction and accomplishment of transforming a seed smaller than your fingernail into a bumper crop of super nutritional and tasty food.

Sounds hard? Actually it’s easy. Learning how to grow food is one of the best things you can do for yourself. The health benefits are obvious, especially if you choose to garden organically which most people do. Not to mention the variety. There is a world of different tastes than what you are used to at the super market? Ever seen a multi coloured cob of corn? Ever tasted a crystal apple cucumber? Tomatoes are never as sweet as those picked straight from the vine. Lettuce so crisp and sugar snap peas so crunchy

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Growing your own food really is the eden we hear about, and it is achievable. Come in and ask us what is on the planting menu for this month.

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