Hoheria (Houhere)

Hoheria angustifolia/Houhere (Narrow leaved lacebark)

In summer, Hoheria become covered in small delicate white flowers that are hungrily sort after by bees, tuis and bellbirds. Long serrated leaves are paired with dainty flowers and a sweeping grace in the wind, making the Hoheria an incredibly elegant tree. An evergreen tree that is endemic to New Zealand, its leaves transform as it matures, making the juvenile form look completely unrelated.


Houheria angustifolia prefer a sheltered position out of strong winds and are hardy down to -5. For those higher up the hills, the deciduous Hoheria lyallii are hardy down to -10. Hoheria thrive on moderately fertile, neutral to alkaline soil with good drainage, in full sun or part shade. Hoheria can be grown as a large shrub or small tree growing to 4-8 metres high or 2.5 – 4 metres wide.

Hoherias will suit larger flower borders, courtyards and informal gardens and make great companions with Hydrangeas. Ask garden centre staff for the Hoheria as they can be easily missed, looking different from their older selves.