Bulk Products

Buying in a bulk is the best option for those larger garden projects. We hold the following in bulk: Screened Topsoil, Premium Compost, Premium Bark Nuggets and Woodchip.

Bulk measurements are in thirds of a cubic metre (330L) as this measures one scoop of our resident bobcat.

Prices are as follows:

Premium Compost – 50/50 Peat/Bark Compost enriched with blood, bone and lime. Use this for adding to the soil when planting. One scoop = $50.

Premium Bark Nuggets – A great mulch option, for putting on top of the soil. With nugget sizes of 12-20mm this bark will be slow to rot giving you years of weed suppression and water retention. It also looks very smart. One scoop = $45.

Screened Topsoil – Our topsoil is screened to 10mm so we guarantee it will be free from any stones, which makes a perfect base for sowing a lawn. Use topsoil where you need to raise the topsoil level great to mix with compost. One scoop = $39.

Woodchip – Our woodchip is 3 year aged woodchip. This is a mixed grade woodchip with some large and small chips. If you are looking for a mulch that will readily breakdown and improve the soil whilst suppressing weeds this is the mulch for you. One scoop = $10


Getting bulk couldn’t be easier, park your trailer near the bins and tell us how much you want and we’ll put it in for you.

Work out the volume of your area by multiplying width x length x depth. That equals the amount of cubic metres you’ll need.

For example 2m x 1m x 0.6m = 1.2m³. To work out how many scoops you will need per cubic metre, multiply your cubic metres by 3. For example 1.2 x 3 = 3.6, so you would need 3 or 4 scoops.

Another example: 4 x 9 x 0.15 = 5.4 cubes. 5.4 x 3 = 16 or 17 scoops. Currently we can only measure full scoops.

If you don’t have a trailer handy you can use one of our trailers to ferry your soil home.

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