At the Garden Centre

At Shotover Garden Centre we have lots in store for you. We stock everything you need to make your garden beautiful. Specialising in native plants, we stock a range of sizes from small saplings to aged trees – but we also have a good range of exotic plants to brighten up any garden. We have plants to suit any situation, from the shady spot that never gets any sun to that wind-swept garden. Take a look at the following links to get an idea of what we have here for you.


Food is the universal language. One thing better than speaking about food is growing it. The worst kept secret of gardeners is the immense satisfaction and accomplishment of transforming a seed smaller than your fingernail into a bumper crop of super nutritional and tasty food. Sounds hard? Actually it’s easy. Learning how to grow food … Continue reading Veggies

Bulk Products

Buying in a bulk is the best option for those larger garden projects. We hold the following in bulk: Screened Topsoil, Premium Compost, Premium Bark Nuggets and Woodchip. Bulk measurements are in thirds of a cubic metre (330L) as this measures one scoop of our resident bobcat. Prices are as follows: Premium Compost – 50/50 … Continue reading Bulk Products


We have just received our bulk of roses in winter. This is the best time to plant your roses if you have the ability of foresight and if you really know what you want we take orders in summer for the following winter. All our roses are grown in a specialised rose nursery, so you … Continue reading Roses


We stock an array of exotic shrubs to keep your garden interesting all year round. We have many options for shrubs for all different areas of your garden, from hedging to filling a shady area. Our shrubs change with the seasons, so you get to see the different shrubs that look their best in each … Continue reading Shrubs

Landscape Supplies

We have everything you need to complete those big landscaping projects, we supply the following: Woven + Non-woven weed matting Matting Pegs Tree Stakes 0.9 – 2m Tree Tie Spray/Rabbit Guards Shadecloth Micronet Insect Mesh Frost Fleece Bird netting Agphane Kerilea Cloche Hoops Raised Beds Bamboo Canes Metal Stakes

Shop Products

We stock everything you need to keep your garden healthy and we have the advice to go with it. Gardening can be daunting and frustrating with the array of products available that claim to be able to work magic and make your garden beautiful. So talk to us first and tell us what you want … Continue reading Shop Products


We support organic gardening as ‘the way’ to garden. Organic gardening supports the environment, promotes sustainability and makes us better gardeners (by having to educate ourselves about nature) We stock many different products for organic gardening or Integrated Pest Management systems. Of course in organic gardening you can make your own products which is part of the … Continue reading Organics


For that ultimate blast of colour in your garden get some bedding plants. The term bedding plants dates from the victorian days, when explorers would find exotic blooms and plant them in beds en masse. Now days bedding plants can be a mix of annual an perennials what matters most is that they flower their … Continue reading Bedding


From garden hoses to golf rotors, here at the garden centre we offer a wide range of irrigation fittings for the home and garden, including: Garden hoses and fittings Micro-irrigation and 4mm fittings and pipe 13 and 19 mm lateral pipe and fittings Impact sprinklers, popups and driplines Irrigation How-tos.


We stock an ever changing selection of house plants, from tropical looking waist high Tupidantus to a wicked selection of cacti and succulents for those terraiums. We can tell you which house plant will thrive in the part of your home you want to green up. House plants have been proven to make us happier … Continue reading Houseplants


Here at Shotover we are known for our natives. The the majority are grown just over at Manapouri and the seed is eco sourced locally. What that means is that you have plants that have been hardened to the central Otago weather. We have all the natives you need for a re vegetation project in … Continue reading Natives

Stock Food

We stock the following quality animal feed: Layers Mash 10kg Layers Pellets 10kg/25kg Wheat 10kg/25kg Chicken Grit Pig Pellets Sheep Nuts In Spring we stock Chick/Growers mash.


If you love flowers and want vibrancy in your garden you should plant perennials. If shrubs are the canvas, perennials are the paint. Flowering times, types and colours vary from variety to variety – you can use perennials to ensure there are flowers at all times of the year. Or just in Summer, while you are visiting. Perennials … Continue reading Perennials

Fruit and Nut Trees

Do you dream of a bountiful space full of food to pick as you relax among nature? Or you want some help with the shopping bill and getting the kids to eat more fruit. We can help. We have a great selection of fruit trees to sate your fruit tree needs. Whether you want to … Continue reading Fruit and Nut Trees