Corokia / Korokio

Corokia, otherly known as the wire netting bush, are understated steadfast little shrubs. They can quite often be looked over for their large glossy leaved neighbours. From Autumn however Corokia really start to sparkle. Look out now for Corokia saturated with shiny red or yellow berries that will be luring native birds for a feast. The hardiest of the Corokia, Corokia cotoneaster, can be seen growing wild throughout the hillsides of Central Otago where they enjoy the sun and well draining alkaline soil. This evergreen shrub weathers the grueling winds, bitter frosts and lack of rain like a champion but will curl its toes up if sitting in too much moisture.


Corokia are a beautiful feature in the winter garden, their twiggy frosted appearance reflect the icy landscape they inhabit. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a naturalised hillside at home, Corokia will be happy anywhere with sun and good drainage. They also make fantastic smaller clipped hedges that you could use to line a driveway or use at the back of a smaller border. The bronze coloured Corokia ‘Frosted Chocolate’ makes a bold contrast against other garden plants and flowers. For those bold enough you can even effectively Bonsai them. Spare a thought for the Corokia, helping our fellow birds through the winter to come.