Caution! Our carpark is a mess.

The fellas from Fulton Hogan are making some changes to Ladies Mile Highway. Unfortunately that means digging up a chunk of our car park and running around on diggers. It also means they have made it quite difficult to get into our carpark, even the team struggle. But we are open if you need a few bags of coal or some plants. Just take it easy and keep it slow when you’re coming past the house next door, our turning is not far past it (if you’re coming from Queenstown). And if you’re coming from Arrowtown way the turning is not far past our sign.

Glenda Drive Plans

Glenda Drive Plans

What are they doing?

Eventually the road will be widened and another roundabout will be made. They will take away the existing Glenda Drive roundabout replacing it with a one way access slip-road into Glenda Drive if you’re coming from Arrowtown. If you are coming from Queenstown you will have to turn at the roundabout to go to Glenda Drive. And in time you will be able to get to Glenda Drive from the 5 mile site. The turning into the garden centre will be widened and made into a road and our entrance will be changed to a side entrance from that new road.

Has It affected us?

It is hard to say as we don’t have the ability to see into parallel dimensions. But we have been pleasantly surprised to see how many people have braved the monstrous diggers. So thank you all for coming to see us and making our days more interesting. We are hoping the work will be finished soon so we can get back to normal. By Spring we are hoping to have a nice level parking lot with a new fence and a new entrance, and more importantly a safe turning for everyone. Good times.

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