The Low Down on Lilies

We have lilies in stock! Yay! 15 varieties in fact. But do you know your Asiatic from your Trumpet? If not we’ve done the work for you, to give you the low down on lilies. All lilies will flower in Summer and can be planted from now till September. Lilies flower best when exposed to cooler temperatures, but if you are planting them into patio pots then put them in a frost free cool place or cover with some frost fleece. This stops the bulbs from freezing solid, but in the ground they will be fine. Plant them with some good quality compost at least twice the length of the bulb deep, put some gravel (grit) underneath to provide drainage in heavier clay soils. Lilies are heavy feeders so make sure you have lots of well rotted manure in the garden or if you are planting pots add some controlled release fertiliser. Then apply a high potash liquid fertiliser throughout Summer. Taller lilies will need to be staked, so add a bamboo cane when planting so you don’t disturb the roots when they are growing and you don’t forget where they are. Make sure you plant them in a sunny place, so at least 7 hours of sun a day in Spring and Summer. When flowers finish chop them off and keep fertilising the bulbs as this will give you a magnificent display next year. Lilies are hardy perennials and will flower each year.

Asiatic Lilies

lilymatrixLilium Orange Matrix

Asiatic lilies are hardier lilies than other types of Lilium. Although they are not fragrant like other types of Liliums, they make up for this in the volume of colour variations, and vividness of the flowers. Asiatic lily flowers face upwards making them perfect as a dwarf variety. Dwarf Asiatic lilies grow to 45cm high brightening any doorway.

Oriental Lilies

Starfighter  Posted to Flickr June 15, 2012

Lilium Starfighter Starfighter Posted to Flickr June 15, 2012

Oriental Lilies are the most popular lily of them all. Due to their strong scent and large flowers. They grow to a medium lily height from 60-120cm depending on variety. Their flowers are available in hues of whites, pinks and reds and hang elegantly to the side. Making a perfect fit for any flower garden. Dwarfs are available, at 40cm high they are perfect for create fragrance near your doorway.

LA Hybrid Lilies

lilybulb_2271_149399892Lilium Red Alert

LA Hybrids are a Hybrid (Mix) of longiflorum Lilies (like oriental) and Asiatic lilies. This means we get the best of both varieties, more colour availability and a stronger perfume than the Asiatics. They are a medium size ranging from 90 – 120.

Trumpet Lilies

downloadLilium Regale

Trumpet Lilies are the giants of the Lily world growing from 90-150cm tall makes them the perfect height to enjoy their fragrance. As the names suggests they have the largest trumpet shaped flowers. They are less fragrant than the Orientals but make up by flowering earlier in the Summer.

OT Hybrid Lilies


Lilium Conca D’Or ORIENPET

OT Hybrid Lilies are a hybrid of Oriental and Trumpet lilies. There’s quite a height range in this species from 60-150cm. Again taking the best of both species the OT’s are more scented than the trumpets, are larger than the orientals and have multi blooms on the one stem. They are also hardier than other lilies having good disease resistance and are lime tolerant.

Did you know? No other species of lily tolerates lime or alkaline soil. Better get the PH testing kit out.

Tiger Lilies

download (1) Lilium Leichtlinii

Tiger lilies in my opinion are the most exotic looking of the lot. Their fiery coloured flowers hang down with petals covered in dots which are rolled back like a contortionist pushing forward their orange pollen laden stamens. They again are a medium sized lily at 100-120cm, they won’t be missed. Definitely a talking point in your garden.

Hopefully this has helped you either make up your mind of which lily is best for your garden or to try growing a lily for the first time. We have all the featured lilies currently in stock, however if you see one you must have get in quick because availability is while stocks last. Priced at $4.00 – $6.20 a bulb depending on variety, we are the best value around.

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