Garlic Bulbs In Stock

We now have garlic in stock for your Late Autumn/Winter planting. Separate bulbs into cloves and plant twice the bulb length deep and 10 cm apart. When digging the hole throw a layer of grit into the bottom. This means water freely drains away, as bulbs will start to rot if sitting in water for long periods of time. Then cover with compost and firm down. Easy as. The main growing period of garlic is Spring so make sure they don’t dry out then, if they do the bulb size will suffer. This is also the best time to add some extra feed like blood and bone to the soil. Then in summer harvest when the leaves start to dry. Dry them off completely and plait the dried leaves together for a cool and useful decoration for the kitchen.

To get the best price for you guys we are selling our garlic by weight, this way you only take what you need = less wastage! At $5.70 per 100g, its far cheaper than the super market after you’ve harvested. Talking of the supermarket, why not plant garlic from there? Because to make garlic last longer and travel the thousand of miles to your home, they treat the bulbs to stop them from sprouting. If you planted them they may start growing, but not as well as bulbs grown for planting.


We have two varieties:

Printanor: A strong tasting garlic with a creamy skin, growing plump full cloves. You can use this in many ways in the kitchen and it also peels very easy. It’s the most common garlic in New Zealand.

Elephant Garlic: A mild tasting garlic, that grows very large cloves. More resistant to rot but needs a longer growing season so plant in April, harvesting late summer when the leaves die back.


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