Half Price Bokashi Buckets!!

We now have bokashi buckets in stock at half price when you buy two!! We have been working with the QLDC who are kindly subsidizing the bokashi buckets to QLDC residents to encourage everyone to get composting and reduce landfill waste. An analysis of waste in Frankton transfer station 2012 showed that Queenstown produces 44.4 tonnes of compostable waste per week. A figure that is likely much higher already.

With bokashi buckets there is no reason as a resident that you cannot do your bit. Bokashi buckets are a composting system that can sit on your work top without smelling all you need to do is when you add food just sprinkle the compost zing over the top. This gets the composting process going. When it is full pop the lid on and put it out of direct sunlight for 10 days. Then just dig a shallow trench in the garden and cover the composting food scraps with 10cm of topsoil. And its done!

The food scraps will turn to compost and in turn give you the best soil for your plants. Because if you didn’t already know soil is number one for plants! I thought water was you say? If the soil is poor the plant has a hard time getting the water it needs, among other things. Get the soil right first and everything will seem easy.

Usually the buckets retail at $53 for one, but now you can buy a pair for $53! Having a pair means you don’t have to stop composting whilst waiting for your other bucket to finish. Need an additional bucket? Well you can have one for $37 then.

This great offer is also available from the guys at Wanaka Wastebusters, so if you’re in that area pick a pair up from them. If you have more questions about this wonderful composting system pop in and talk to one of our staff alternatively look on http://www.zingbokashi.co.nz/ for video demonstrations.

15l bin


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