The Elusive Pea Straw is back in Stock


After much delay, we have pea straw back in stock. Use this straw now after soaking the garden to lock in much needed moisture for the summer. It will also suppress the weeds. Over time pea straw will break down into the soil adding lovely matter and beneficial fungi. You can also use it for mulching strawberries, however bales of straw are the best for this task as they do not hold moisture like pea straw does. But that’s what makes pea straw the best for mulching.

If pea straw looks too messy or rural for you we have brown and black bark chips for sale in bags at $12 for 35L, or borrow one of our trailers and get it in bulk 1/3 of a cubic metre will cost $45 making it only 13 cents a litre.


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