Sowing Seeds for the Future


Now’s time to be planting seeds, be it planting tomatoes on your windowsill to sowing crops in your veggie plot. We have a good range of vegetable and flower favourites. Not only is watching tiny seeds grow into vibrant flowers or tasty vegetables one of the most satisfying past times, it is also healthy for the wallet. With the possibility of 50 plants or more for a mere $3.99, I think you’ll agree it’s well worth the time. That’s without mentioning that home grown veggies taste better and boasts more nutrients then their store bought counterparts, whispers…..they also have no nasty chemicals added either.

To help you succeed in your seed sowing endeavours we have all the tricks and tips in store. From jiffy pellet windowsill propagators, to seed compost. But if all this seems like too much hard work we’ve got already grown punnets of veggies to plant straight away. So come in and see us, and we’ll tell you how to get started, believe me its easy.

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