All roses now in stock!

Freshly potted roses now in stock. Check out our on-line catalogue for our great selection and come on down and pick yourself up one or two!


Now is the time to give your roses some attention to make sure that you get the best performance from them next growing season. A small “tidy up” prune can be done now with sharp, clean pair of secateurs. Snip off all of the dead-heads and any leaves that have a bad case of Blackspot, Mildew or Rust – pick any fallen leaves up from around the base too. (Hard pruning and shaping will be done in the middle of August). Once you have done this, give them a spray with Lime Sulphur or any Copper spray – this will kill any nasty pests and diseases that are hanging around and make your plant go dormant faster.

Love and Peace rose

A longer dormant period means more energy for when they wake up in spring!!!

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